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As security seal experts, we have helped to pioneer the security seals Cape Town can be proud of. We service the entire South Africa and deliver quality service and products you can trust. 

Why South African Seals?

Located in Cape Town, we have been creating, designing, producing, and selling security seals.

Because of the worldwide economic crisis, the demand for black-market commodities has surged rapidly. Cargo theft is a low-risk, high-profit illegal activity with a modest criminal punishment. Just around 20% of stolen goods are ever recovered. According to previous statistics, stolen items amount for hundreds of milloions of rands. If such cargo is securely properly, the odds of it being stolen are greatly reduced.

Our security seals, such as bolt seals, cable seals, and locking bar seals, to mention a few, go through a thorough testing procedure to assure the high quality and safety of our product.

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We Are Here For You

Security seals

Pre-Sales Service

We communicate with customers actively and recommend suitable products according to their specific needs. We deliver according to the customers delivery time requirements, provide approriate suggestions, anser customers questions quickly and efficiently, including payment methods, product size, printing, colour, packaging, weight, etc. 

Security seals

In-Sales Service

Photos can be taken during actual production, so that customers are completely satisfied. We can provide customers with specific packaging pictures. We will arrange transportation for customers according to their required delivery otion, and prepare relevant customs clearance documents.

Security seals

After-Sales Service

We promise to communicate timeously, and make sure the goods are received as agreed. If any issues arise, we will endeavour to resolve them. Our goal is always to have our customers feel valued and their interests are placed at the forefront of everything we do.

The South African Seal Advantage

South African Security Seals recognizes that many loss prevention teams struggle to find a security solution that is ideal for their application. Decision makers are obliged to accept a less-than-perfect seal merely because it is the best option available.

Our security seals can be made in a variety of colors. Logos, bar codes, and changeable numbers can be printed or laser-engraved right on the seal tab. If you require a specific size or a change to an existing style, South African Security Seals will work with you to complete the job.

Quality Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wat does a Security Seal do

A security seal is a device that seals and secures the compartment in which items are conveyed. They are frequently employed in the sealing of trailers, containers, and truck doors. They can also be utilized as evidence in attempted break-ins and thefts.

Security seals can also be used to seal packing and product packages. As a result, any effort to open them will be obvious due to the VOID adhesive, which will reveal the break-in.

The seals provide the traceability of your items or equipment by using a unique identifying number that allows their conformance to be checked by several individuals.

What are the different types of Security Seals

Seals are classified according to their use; security seals are classified into five types: plastic seals, metal seals, cable seals, bolt seals (container seals), and metric seals.

Proof seals that offer evidence of access or contamination; barrier seals that restrict entry; and the most modern, an electronic security seal that actively checks for tampering and may provide you real-time notifications in the case of a tamper.

These security seals display symptoms of tampering include breakable sheets or films, plastic packing, pressure sensitive adhesive tapes, crimped cables, and other immutable mechanical assemblies. They are not intended to give extra security, but rather to provide evidence of manipulation.

How do you verify a security seal?
To authenticate a seal’s classification, security seal suppliers must employ independent and recognized third-party laboratories. To execute ISO 17712 testing, these laboratories must be ISO/IEC 17025 approved.

Auditing of security-related business processes at manufacturers. About a dozen mandatory activities, such as facility risk assessments and access restrictions to production and storage facilities, are defined in ISO 17712. Supplier compliance should also be shown by an independent and recognized certification.
Security seals must be developed and built with tamper-evident characteristics that produce tell-tale signs of tampering.

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